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My Fruit Bowl

By Kira On October 9, 2011 Under Kitchen, Uncategorized

20111008-095244.jpgI thought I would share one of my favorite parts of my kitchen today….My Fruit Bowl. Now this may not be overly exciting or really worth a blog posting in your eyes. However, as I loaded up my fruit bowl this evening with all the fruit for the week it brought back memories and I thought I would share why I LOVE my fruit bowl. Growing up I have quiet a few memories that have to do with fruit. My mom may differ but as for my memory we did not have a huge variety when it came to fruit around the house…usually it was limited to apples and bananas with the exception of special occasions. Even then the things I remember about having fruit are tied to specific memories and I thought I would share a few of these.

I’m sure we got apples throughout the year but the ones I remember were the ones my Grandfather would buy at local orchards by the box and then bring over to us…we always got a box of red apples and a box of green apples in the fall.  Kiwi fruit was a Christmas fruit as we only ever got kiwi fruit on Christmas morning in our stocking. Pineapples were what we would eat if we were in Hawaii on vacation. Plums were the fruit that grew on the tree in my grandparents backyard. Grapes my grandmother would occasionally have sitting on the kitchen counter in a bowl. Raspberries made wonderful jam and we would spend early morning hours picking at a local Raspberry farm during the summer.

So where does a fruit bowl tie in??? Well, when I was 18yrs old I went to Australia for 3months. While in Australia I noticed that my host mom had a large basket (or so it seems in my memory) that sat in the kitchen and was always full of fruit….and not just apples and bananas!! There was lots of different fruits. I LOVED the idea of a fruit basket and when I returned home I always thought when I have kids I want to have a basket of fruit readily available to them. This brings me back to my fruit bowl…I LOVE having a bowl of fruit available to my family! Some times it is rather limited in variety…mainly apples, oranges and bananas. However, most times it is overflowing with variety, thanks to Bountiful Baskets. This week we have Apples, Apple pears, Kiwis, Plums, Limes, Pomegranates and Bananas… oh and the grapes that I was eating while photographing the other fruit :-).

So where do you store your fruit and what type of fruit does your family enjoy?




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