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DIY Bible Bag

By Kira On January 18, 2011 Under Craft, Uncategorized

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog you may have seen my post on Sunday about the Bible bags I made for my kids to help them carry their Bibles to church each week.  I thought I would share my idea and give a easy tutorial on making a NO Sew easy Fleece Bag.

For the tutorial I will be using pictures of the tool bag. The main differences in the two bags is the frilly stuff as my husband put it :-). The pink bag has fringe on the flap as well as a longer ribbon so it can be carried as a purse were the tool bag has a smooth cut flap with no fringe and a shorter ribbon so it acts as a handle and not a shoulder strap. I will give tips on how to make the more frilly one as I go through the tutorial.

Materials needed:

1/2 yard of fleece (this will actually give you enough for two bags as you need the 1/2yard width but only part of the length)

Color coordinating ribbon – 32″ for a handle or 40″ for a shoulder strap (I used the 1 1/2″ ribbed ribbon)

Botton(s) – you will need one for the flap and may want a few extras decorate with

1. Cut a rectangle of fleece 1/2 yard wide by 25 3/4″ long (27″  if you want the more frilly style)

2. Fold the right side of the fabric over 9″ so wrong sides of fabric are together and fold is to your right.

3. Cut 3″ slits 1″ apart from right side fold to were the folded fabric ends. ( I have laid the Bible on top of the folded fabric to help with visualization)

4. Now if you are making the frilly bag (pink one) you will want to cut a 3″x3″ square out of the flap corners (see arrows) If you are making the tool bag version (no frills) skip to step 7

5. Cut a 1″ wide by 3″ deep (basically 1 fringe) just above were the folded fabric ends

6. Cut 1″ wide by 3″ deep fringe on the remaining part of the flap as well as across the top of the fla7. Non Frilly Version: For the Non frilly version you will be cutting off 3″ each side of the flap starting were the folded fabric ends.

8. Now to Tie your bag together. If you have tied a blanket before it uses the same idea only difference is you will be tying a ribbon in with the fleece to give extra support and prevent the bag from stretching when a Bible is in it. In the next two pictures you will see how I started the ribbon by folding it in half and laying it on top of one fringe piece. Then I tied the two pieces of fleece and the ribbon together just like tying a blanket.

9. for the remaining ties on your first side knot each set of fleece fringes once (like you are getting ready to tie a shoe) then run the ribbon over the first knot and re-knot the fleece fringe to hold the ribbon. When you get to the top you will take the top of the ribbon and start it back at the bottom of the other side tying the same way.

10. Add any buttons or accessories you would like to your bag and Enjoy!!

Hope you enjoyed this project :-) Let me know what you think of my tutorial and if there is anything you would like to see me do differently for my next tutorial.


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