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Make Your Own Dishwasher Detergent

By Kira On July 8, 2011 Under Saving, Uncategorized


With our recent relocation I have been given the opportunity to be just a stay at home mom. Now I say just because I have always considered myself in some sense a stay at home home mom. However, I also ran a daycare prior to moving. So while I was home I often thought I might have had a cleaner house and accomplished more at home had I worked outside the home. While I LOVED my job and LOVED the kids I cared for…it is amazing how much work it is to just keep up to 12 kids 7 & under clean, fed, entertained.

So with my new role as a stay at home mom I am LOVING the time I get to spend with just my 3 kids. I am also enjoying finding ways to keep our expenses down making it possible for me to continue being a stay at home mom. One of the things I have been doing is making my own dishwasher soap. So I thought I would share :-)

I use the recipe from DIY Natural and then have altered the amounts to make it work better for me :-)

What you need:

*Kosher Salt


*Washing Soda

*Citric Acid

*Vinegar- you will use this for your rinse agent




Measure 1 Cup of each the Kosher Salt, Borax & Washing Soda into the container you will be mixing / storing your Dishwasher Soap in.





Once you have all three ingredients above in your container (I used a plastic container with a screw on lid that we had gotten playdoh toys in at one point) put a lid on your container and shake well to mix. This part of your soap is now finished :-)



Now for the Citric Acid…the recipe on DIY Natural has you mix the citric acid in with the above mix. I tried that and found that the citric acid causes the mixture to clump together really bad. So as they state on DIY Natural  you can add rice to the mix to prevent some of the clumping or you can do it my way and just leave the citric acid in its own container adding it separately to the dishwasher cup. This works really well for me and I don’t have to deal with the clumping at all!



I also had some 1 Tablespoon scoops from drink mixes or something that I have been saving so I toss one in each container and my Soap/Detergent is ready to go! Just add 1 Tablespoon of the Soap mix and 1/2Tablespoon Citric Acid to each load. If your glasses come out foggy try adding additional citric acid on the next load.



Now you may be wondering were the vinegar comes in? This is your very cheap rinse agent…you can add it to the rinse agent dispenser just like the stuff you buy in the store. You can also add a little in the door of the dishwasher when you get ready to run each load. I like to add a bit in each load as it seems to do a better job that way.



There you have it!! Simple and Easy to make Dishwasher Detergent that can save you money!!

If you want to look at the numbers…I have figured each ingredient and the price per batch below. Today I used Amazon prices for each item and while they do not include the shipping you most likely can get all these items at your local store for at least these prices if not cheaper…especially if you watch for sales.

Borax 76oz $4.98 = .52 / batch

Washing Soda 55oz $3.73 = .54/batch

Kosher Salt 3lbs $3.76 = .62 / batch

Citric Acid 5lbs $15.99 = .79 / batch

Total Price per batch = $2.47

Each batch will run as many as 48 loads making it $0.05 per load!!


Do you make any of your household product yourself either to save money or eliminate toxins? I would LOVE to hear how you save money on household products!!



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