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Baltic Amber Necklace Review

By Kira On August 23, 2013 Under Uncategorized

yhst-128320580212598_2251_241086Anyone who has ever been around a teething baby know they can be pretty cranky at times. Parents go to all kinds of extremes to help ease the pain and the crankiness. One of these methods is the Baltic Amber Necklace. Honestly, I have always been slightly skeptical as to whether they actually do anything or not. I tried researching them and pretty much what I found was people who use them swear by them and people who do not use them claim they are  a complete hoax. Being on the Natural side of things I like they idea of a necklace that relieves teething pain so when I found a co-op selling them for about $7 a piece I decided I would try it out for myself and make my own opinion on them.

First off I know you are wondering what is a Baltic Amber Necklace? Baltic Amber comes from a species of ancient trees that washed ashore and fossilized around the Baltic seas creating what we know as Baltic Amber.

Second Question…How does it work? Baltic Amber is high in naturally occurring succinic acid. Succinic Acid is a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and central nervous system calmer. When the Amber is heated against the skin by the bodies heat it releases its therapeutic properties. In children and babies it is said to have great results as it eases their pain while also soothing their central nervous system. Best part is their are NO side effects! It is also said to help treat the throat, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver, and gallbladder, alleviates joint problems, and strengthens the mucus membranes.

Third Question…Is it dangerous having a necklace on a baby? I guess it depends on your level of supervision while the baby is wearing it. You can also wrap it twice around their ankle or wrist if you are not going to be right with the child. As far as choking hazard the amber beads are double knotted on both sides of each bead and even if they were to be swallowed they are small enough that they would pass through the digestive system without any harm being done to the child.

All this sounds great but…DOES IT REALLY WORK?

This is our story, My 9 month old started teething at about 7 months. Compared to my 3yr old’s teething experience which was relatively uneventful and easy, I felt he was having a rather rough time with those first two teeth coming in. It was bad enough that for days I was checking his gums to see if they had broken through yet and actually was able to tell exactly what nap they finally came through during. He also drooled like crazy. After this experience I decided to start looking into some natural teething remedies and decided to try the Amber necklace.

I was really excited when it arrived and immediately put it on him. However, he was not teething at that time so I did not see any results that were obvious. After a few days of playing with the necklace wrapping it around the ankle and having it fall off a few times moving it to the neck for during the day and the ankle at night, etc. It ended up falling off one night and I just did not get it back on. I set it up and actually forgot about it.

Fast forward a couple weeks…Baby started teething again and was drooling like crazy and cranky once again. I was mopping his chin up multiple times a day there was SOOO much drool. I happened to be cleaning around the baby  stuff in our room right in the middle of this teething episode and found the necklace so I went ahead and put it back on him around his neck not really thinking much about it. A few hours later I thought about the drooling and went to grab a rag so I could mop up the drool again as I was sure he would need cleaned up again. Only this time when I went to mop it up his chin was dry! Yes, he was still teething but NO MORE DROOL and he seemed to be less cranky! This lasted for the remainder of this teething episode. I figured this could be coincidence but continued to have him wear the necklace.


Happy Baby with his Baltic Amber Necklace

Just this last week I noticed that Baby is once again teething…only this time I did not notice the teething until one tooth had already broken through and another was really close. Honestly, the only reason I even noticed this was because my in-laws have been in town and we took a hour drive to go to the zoo. Baby was not thrilled with being in his seat for this period of time with me sitting next to him (apparently when I am next to him instead of in the front seat he throws a bigger fit than normal) and screamed. While trying to console him I noticed the new teeth. Other than the car ride he had been perfectly happy and there was NO DROOLING!!

I did a bit of research to see if Baltic Amber was supposed to help with drooling at all and what I found said it stimulates the thyroid which helps which then will help with the drooling.

After my experience so far I am inclined to say that the Baltic Amber Necklace is helping alot. I think I have officially crossed the line from the skeptic to the believer!

Have you tried a Baltic Amber Necklace for teething or any other ailments? What are your thoughts? I Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!!

Have a Great Day,


The thoughts in this review are all my own and I was not paid in any way to write this review. Alot of my information came from this site.


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