• Hi, My name is Kira. I am many things...Christian, Child of God, Homeschooler, stay at home mom, Adoptive mom, Doula in training, natural minded, nutrition loving and more. I love life and spending it with my 4 amazing kids and my wonderful husband. Here you can get a glimpse at our crazy life as I post on my passions.
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Menu Plan Monday – 1/10/2011

By Kira On January 10, 2011 No Comments

Now that we are done celebrating birthdays for awhile (yes, we still have two brithdays coming up this month but we have done all the big celebrating for them already :-) ). I have decided the rest of this month we will be buying necessities only. Plus I am going to work harder on couponing so I can save money on groceries.

As for this week, I am going to attempt a eat out of the cupboard week. We have plenty of food stored up I just need to be a bit more creative I think. So here we go with my Menu Plan for the week.

Monday- BBQ Chicken, Green Salad, Potatoes

Tuesday – Freezer Meal

Wednesday – Potato Soup (my recipe I made last week turned out GREAT and I did not

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Menu Plan Monday – 12/6/2010

By Kira On December 6, 2010 1 Comment

Wow, I almost forgot it was Monday again! Not sure how that happens so frequently…Thanks Alana for posting your menu plan as it reminded me that I still needed to post mine!

We have a few evening activities this week so we will be taking advantage of the freezer meals I have put away. I am also trying something new this week…typically I do not plan much for weekend meals as we eat left overs or just use items on hand to create meals. This week though I have planned a crock pot meal for Sunday. I will try to prep this on Saturday evening and put it on to cook prior to leaving for Church Sunday morning, this way we will have a hot lunch ready when we arrive home! I am thinking this will make the afternoon go a bit smoother as well as be

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