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Site of the week 10-8-10

By Kira On October 8, 2010 Under Site of the week

I always enjoy looking at sites that others recommend and I love it when I stumble upon a really cool site! With this in mind I thought I would take a moment each Friday to share one of my favorite sites or blogs that I have come across during the week.

This week I am featuring the siteĀ  Wholesome Baby Food Recipes Blog

I stumbled upon this site after reading a facebook post by my friend Chrystal and was excited to check it out! Being that I have a 4 1/2 month old that is quickly becoming interested in food, utensils and especially cups. I have started thinking about baby food, when to start, how I will go about feeding, what I will feed, etc. I love this site! It gives a wealth of information on the topic of feeding your baby and introducing foods. More importantly to me it gives lots of great recipes for baby food that you can make at home. This will save money in the long run as well as insure that my baby is getting healthy foods without all the extra preservatives and ingredients that may be in the store bought baby foods.

I also love the section on Baby Led Weaning…however, before going into this topic I have to say that the name of the topic is a bit confusing to me as I believe a more appropriate name would be Baby Led Feeding. The idea of the topic is that instead of going the pureed baby food route where you sit and spoon feed the baby liquid foods that are all the same consistency just have different flavors depending on the type (carrots, peas, etc.) you offer the baby whole foods. Starting at about 6 months you begin offering larger pieces of food (ie. a quarter of an apple, piece of a pear) or mashed foods (bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado) these foods are offered to the baby in a way that allows them to explore the foods and begin eating when they are ready instead of being fed by a parent. In this way a baby may gnaw on a apple chunk, squish and play with mashed bananas while also sampling some on their own or pick at rice or grains. This allows a baby to have control over what and how much goes into his / her mouth. Of course their is still monitoring going on while using this method of feeding and you would still want to follow the 4 day rule for introducing foods. For us I believe this will be a good method as we have already begun going this route. Our baby sits at the table with us during meal times, currently in a seat that mounts on the side of the table. She is also given a plastic spoon and a cup to play with during meal times. With this feeding method once she hits 6 months or so we will add a actual piece of food to her meal time items and allow her to play with it, explore it and taste it when she is ready. All the while we will continue nursing on demand as we are doing now in order to insure that she is getting plenty of nutrition.

If have a baby getting close to the solid food age or one who is currently being introduced to solids I would encourage you to check out this site for great recipes, tips & ideas!!


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  1. Chrystal
    October 9, 2010
    8:47 am

    Thanks for the shout out:) This is my first time making my own baby food and I am excited to have this information as well. I was thinking about waiting until 6 months but he has seemed truly interested in food. I can’t wait to her more about how it goes with your little one!

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