• Hi, My name is Kira. I am many things...Christian, Child of God, Homeschooler, stay at home mom, Adoptive mom, Doula in training, natural minded, nutrition loving and more. I love life and spending it with my 4 amazing kids and my wonderful husband. Here you can get a glimpse at our crazy life as I post on my passions.
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Simplifying Life

By Kira On February 4, 2011 Under simplifying life

Well, once again I have been absent for awhile…at least in the blog world that is :-) We are in the process of making some changes in our life this seems to have made my blogging time a little less available.  A common thread in my life recently has been the feeling of needing to simplify…simplify household chores, simplify meals, simplify spending (being more frugal). And the need to focus more on the important aspects of life…spending time in God’s word, teaching my kids God’s word, spending focused time with my kids, spending focused time with my husband.

These thoughts have been rattling around in my head the past few days and with them has come the reminding of some things I have heard in the last few weeks or months. I thought I would share them and then try to tie this together…here we go.

1. at a homeschool meeting awhile back the speaker made a comment that had a huge impact on me it went something like this – when raising your kids it does not matter how many subjects you teach them and they excel at, how many sports they competed in and were successful at, how many places you took them, how much money you spent on them, you can do all this and seem to succeed by the worlds standards and yet if you fail to lead them to the Lord and to teach them to live a Godly life you have FAILED. (I don’t want to FAIL my kids…to fail by the worlds standards would be nothing compared to the pain and agony of FAILING by God’s Standards!)

2. at church last Sunday the pastor was talking on Biblical Parenting, he made several really good points. First thought in this day and age we are obsessed with researching to find the best system to raise our kids…the best daycare, the best school, the best sports team, etc. The statement was made “culture is shaping our kids (do the math) – he who spends the most time wins”.  I want to win for my kids! Second thought from this past Sunday “who you are in relationship is who you are in relationship” in other words who I am in relationship with the Lord is what comes out in my relationship with my kids, my husband, my family, my friends. Wow…that one hit home…I think alot of the time I have a good relationship with the Lord, but how much better could it be if I put more time into it!?!?! And if I put more time into that relationship how much better could my relationship be with my husband and kids! (which by the way I think I have a good relationship with my husband and kids…so that would make our relationships AMAZINGLY GOOD!!)

3. My last though comes from the Bible Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. This is a promise I can hold onto even in the midst of struggles :-)

Ok…now to try and pull this together. I know in my life there are alot of things that seem to take up large amounts of time  and focus – Laundry (seems the piles never end), Cooking healthy meals, Cleaning the house, Running Errands, Grading and marking my 2nd graders School (she is home schooled), prepping and teaching preschool, taking care of 6 kids under 7yrs old. These things are all important…they all need to get done and be done well. However, as I have pondered the 3 points above it seems that the most important thing is not that my house is always clean, or the laundry is always done, not that we always eat a healthy meal or that preschool is always prepped just right. The most important thing is the amount of focused time that is spent with my kids and the kids who spend their week days with me, the amount of time that I put into teaching them the Word of God, the amount of time that I spend training them in the way they should go. Most importantly the amount of time I spend on my relationship with the Lord as this not only strengthens my relationship with the Lord (and as a extra benefit strengthens my relationships with my family), but it also provides a example to my children on how they should live their lives with God at the CENTER.

Going back to the need to simplify…as I continue to ponder these thoughts I feel the need to simplify our life to allow me to focus on the important things in life while still being able to keep up with the day to day needs. While laundry may not be the most important aspect of our life and over a day or two it is no big deal if I miss a few loads…however, if it goes to long it becomes a huge stressor in my life when I am digging through a laundry basket trying to find clothes for my kids so we can get out the door to church on Sunday morning, this then affects my mood, which affects my ability to be in good relationship with not only God but my family. With this in mind I have set out to simplify life, simplify the daily chores, and simplify our spending to allow God to do his work through me.

Join me over the next 24 days in February as I work at simplifying…I am hoping to post daily with an idea that I have or will be putting in to practice in our daily life (however, as with Laundry…a day or two missed is sometimes necessary for the sake of my family :-) )


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  1. Ellen
    February 5, 2011
    3:57 am

    Simplifying is great but not an easy overnight fix! Can you tell what I’m hoping for? I’ve been slowly simplifying our life. As far as homeschooling goes, enjoy your “school” time with your kids. Enjoy the elementary years with field trips and a lot of hands-on activities. High school comes too quickly and that is where I find myself stresses out! I have 3 high school homeschool teenagers! Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I’m your newest follower on GFC! ~ Ellen

  2. Ellen
    February 8, 2011
    1:23 am

    I love your blog and I have chosen you for an award! Come visit me at http://aseasonforallthings.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-first-blog-award.html to claim your award!

  3. Ellen
    February 8, 2011
    7:32 pm

    You’re welcome! I so enjoy reading your blog! ~ Ellen

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