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Simplifying Christmas Cards with Shutterfly

By Kira On November 2, 2010 Under simplifying life

I am always looking to simplify my life, especially as we move into the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Season. Now with that being said…I LOVE getting the Christmas cards in the mail from friends and family and enjoy sending my own out as well. The thing with my Christmas cards is that I don’t like just sending a simple card…I like being creative and adding pictures and commentary to my cards. This was fine when I was first married, worked part time & had no kids leaving plenty of time to spend creating a creative Christmas card. However 4 years later between 3 kids, homeschooling & working a full time job (even if I do work at home) I just can’t seem to come up with the time to create a creative Christmas Card.  This is why I was soo excited when I stumbled upon Shutterfly’s Christmas Cards!! They have creative designs, plenty of room for pictures (some of the photo cards I saw allow for up to 9 pictures on the front of the card!) and to make it even better they have room to write about your year! With Shutterfly I can create a folding Christmas card using my pictures and by using the Most Wonderful Story card template (or one of the other story card templates) I can include my Christmas letter right in the card itself. I also love that in this particular template I am able to include a picture of each member of our family with a small piece of commentary next to it allowing the pictures to tell part of the story. Ready for the exciting part…This means that once I get the cards all I have to do is address them, stamp them, add a return Christmas address label (yes, shutterfly has these as well!)and drop them in the mail! No folding and adding a Christmas letter, no cutting and adding a picture, no messing with the printer…that is all done in one professionally done Christmas Card! Can you tell I am in love?!? Now for the other part I am always looking at…are they affordable? Right now Shutterfly is offering at least 20% off all holiday cards!

This is one of the ways I will be simplifying my life around the Christmas season this year. What are you doing to simplify your life this year? I would love to hear more ideas!

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