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Success!!! A daily schedule I can stick with!

By Kira On October 15, 2011 Under simplifying life

Over the last few months I have truly seen the need for a schedule. When I operated the daycare I was somewhat forced into a schedule in order to keep my house sane. 12 kids under the age of 7yrs old all in one house for 10 or so hours a day would be a bit crazy if we did not schedule!!! However, this past summer was a different story. I became “just” a stay at home mom in June and with that I took a break from schedules thinking that I would have TONS of extra time now that I only had 3 kids to keep up with during the day. What I failed to plan for was the fact that 3 kids with no schedule was almost crazier then 12 kids with a schedule!! Realizing this I have been working on a schedule that will work for us and fine tuning it over the last few weeks. This week I made a few more changes in regards to our school time and we seem to have found a schedule that is working for us!! I LOVE that I feel organized, my house is staying clean (this is big for me as I get stressed out when it is messy), laundry is getting washed and FOLDED, kids are getting school done in a reasonable amount of time, dinner is getting cooked AND I still have time for fun things like playing with the kids, going for walks, watching Grey’s Anatomy during nap time (my one show I am hooked on at the moment). Who knew that just sticking with a schedule could give this much freedom and accomplishment!!

Ok, enough of my rambling about my schedule… Since I LOVE to see other peoples schedules and ideas that are working for them (most my ideas are far from original and actually are just variations of other peoples ideas) I thought I would post an abbreviated version of my schedule for you in case you too are odd like me and enjoy looking at others schedules. If you have a daily schedule that works for you I would LOVE to see it as well as I am always learning and fine tuning!

So without further ado…MY SCHEDULE

6:30 – 7:00 — I’m up (I aim to be up by 7am…my husband does not leave for work till around 9am so this still gives me 1- 1 1/2 hrs before my kids get up.), Dressed and doing devotions. I also use this time to look at facebook, maybe unload the dishwasher if we ran it too late for my son to unload the night before, prep breakfast and do anything else I want to do while it is still quiet

7:50ish — kids get up, they get dressed, clean rooms, make beds and come out for breakfast

After breakfast tasks:

*kids and I clean kitchen and dining room

*kids and I pick up living room and dining room

*kids and I fold laundry

*kids and I wipe down bathrooms (on a funny side note my 4 & 7 yr old LOVE especially cleaning the toilet so we have had to work a rotating schedule so every one can have their own turn to clean the toilet!!)

*kids and I fold laundry

Around 9:15-9:30 — we play a couple obedience games and talk about what we are working on when it comes to obedience. Then we spend about 20 minutes with either quiet book reading time or listening to classical music to practice sitting quietly.

10:00 – 12:30 — Home School Time (we take a 15 minute recess at 11am and go for a short walk) — I think I will do a separate post on my school schedule as it seems like it would be a bit lengthy for this post.

12:30 — Lunch time, Clean the Kitchen and get ready for nap/rest time

1:00 – 3:00 — Nap/Rest time (MY TIME!!)

3:00 — Snack Time

3:15ish – 4:00ish — the kids and I do household chores (Tuesday & Thursday – Floors, Wednesday – Deep Clean Bathrooms, Friday – Dust entire house)

4:00ish — outdoor free play

5:00ish — Baths/Showers/getting pj’s on and indoor free play (sometimes this is movie time or game time depending on dinner prep and the kids moods)

6:00 — pick up the house

6:30 — Hubby gets home and Dinner is served

After dinner we spend time as a family (tonight we went bike riding) or my husband plays with the kids.

8:00 — kids head to bed


There you have it…my Schedule!! I would LOVE to hear about or see your schedule as well! If you blog and have a post about your schedule or want to write a post about your schedule feel free to leave a post link in the comments and I will be sure to visit!








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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny Baker
    October 15, 2011
    5:09 am

    Hi Kira!
    I just subscribed to your blog!

    My schedule keeps getting messed up!
    This week I had to take my husband to work everyday and pick him up — He works out at HP and we are in Caldwell!

    Next week, my parents are coming:

    So, this next week myschedule will be :
    1) wake up
    2) prepare hubby to leave ( packing his lunch, etc…)
    3) Love children ( includes feeding, schooling…)
    4) Let Grandpa and Grandma Love them to pieces and stuff them with sweets ( that’s what they are supposed to do!!)
    5) Put them down for rest time. We don’t always do rest time around here, but G & G are not used to so much energy squirreling around, I make my kids rest so that Grandpa and Grandma can recharge!
    6) let them wake up
    7) Send Grandpa out to find some dinner ( they like to treat us every night as they would rather visit with us than worry about preparing/ cleaning up after dinner!
    8) Say Good night to G& G ( they don’t stay overnight with us)
    9) Go to bed

    Hoping to work one that really works after life gets back to normal!
    Love yours!

    • Kira
      October 17, 2011
      12:20 am

      Jenny, thanks for stopping by and subscribing! Love your schedule for when your parents are in town! Sounds like a great time of visiting and relaxing!! Enjoy!

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