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24 days to simplify – chore charts

By Kira On February 9, 2011 Under simplifying life

One thing I am trying to be more consistent at when simplifying is having my kids help out more around the house. My daughter who is 7 does best when she can visually see what needs to be done so I have put together a Chore Chart / To Do list for her. This hangs in our kitchen and is laminated so she can use a wet erase marker to check off the items as she completes them. On her chart I have the chores/ tasks broken down into 3 time periods – Before Breakfast, Day & Night this way she knows when each chore needs to be accomplished. I have also used x’s to show when a chore does not need to be done (ie. she takes a shower every 2-3 days so on the days she does not need to take one I have placed x’s).

I have also used this chart to keep track of how much wii time / tv / screen time (ie. gameboy, iphone, etc.) she has used for the day. She is limited to 60 minutes of this time a day and I have it broken down into 10 minute sections so we can easily cross off the minutes as they are used saving me from trying to remember how much time she used. This also gives her a visual reminder of how much time she has left and allows her to make a informed decision about when she will use her time.

If you are looking for chore chart resources I have listed some links below.  Also feel free to look at my daughters chart a bit closer in a pdf format here.

Create & print a themed chore chart

A large variety of themed charts you can print and then hand write in your own chores

Cartoon themed chore charts in pdf formats – print and then fill in the chores

Reviews on Charts you can purchase – there are some really cool ones if you want to spend a little money!

Chart that can be used online or printed

Age appropriate household chore ideas

Do your kids help out around the house? Do you use a chore chart? I would love to hear what you use to motivate your kids to help out around the house :-)


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