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3 ways to save on groceries

By Kira On October 26, 2010 Under Saving

In this economy I think everyone is looking for ways they can cut back or save some money. One place that I am always looking to save is in our food budget. Trick is I want to save money on food while still serving healthy wholesome meals to my family and the children I care for. I have been very blessed this year to have found several new ways to save money and yet have also been able to expand the food selection I am able to offer in my home. I want to share with you a few of

1. Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op – I stumbled upon this a couple months ago (thanks Alana!!) and we have been hooked since week 1! By using the food co-op I am able to offer a huge variety of fresh produce every week to my family for a very low price! I am also able to serve all natural 9 grain bread and other amazing products! How it works: I contribute $16.50 every week on Tuesday for my produce basket. Last week our basket included: 2 heads romaine lettuce, tomatoes, parsnips, sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, pineapples, bananas, pears and pomegranates. For another example of produce basket contents check out my past post. Once I add a produce basket to my order I am then able to add on any additional products that I want to order (additional products are not available in all areas, check the website to see what is available in your area). This week I am ordering 9 grain bread (amazing bread and it freezes really well!!) 5 loaves for $10 (this will last us about 2 weeks), Chili Cheese bread (I haven’t tried this yet, but am sure it will be great!) 5 loaves for $10. Then on Saturday I will go and pick up my order at the designated pick up site.

2. Zaycon Meats – Have you noticed that chicken prices keep going up? I know I have! We love to eat chicken dishes but I typically pay $5.95 for a 3lb back of chicken at winco. At those prices I can’t afford to cook with it nearly as often as I would like. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out about Zaycon Meats (thanks frugal chic living!!). They are offering fresh never frozen chicken breasts for $1.48 / lb! In order to offer the chicken at this low price it is sold in 40lb boxes (each box contains 4 10lb bags of chicken). They also only offer this twice a year and it is done in a similar way to the produce co-op…place your order online (available till they sell out or Wednesday October 27th whichever comes first) and then pick up at the designated time and location. Personally we ordered 3 40lb boxes, this will allow us to have a chicken meal 2-3 x a week for the next 5 months or so. Once I get the chicken I plan to package it into meal size portions using freezer bags.

3. Buying meat in large quantities is something that has always made sense to me. For the past 3 years we have been buying all our beef from my husbands parents. We typically purchase a half a beef in November and it lasts us all year. This allows us to get a large variety of cuts: steaks, hamburger, roasts, stew meat, soup bones, ribs. Plus it is all for a low price per lb. I just checked on craigslist prior to posting this and did a search for “half beef” and found several people selling beef for between $2.15 and $2.55 per lb (including cut & wrap) when you buy a half or a whole beef (sometimes people will also split it into quarters if you are looking for a smaller amount).  Another benefit to purchasing a large amount is you can make specific requests on how your meat is cut.

By using the above resources I am able to provide all the meat, produce & bread that my family will need for a lower price than I would pay if I was to buy them weekly in a grocery store. Plus I spend a lot less time shopping each week as I only need to pick up the dry goods at the store!

How are you saving money on your groc

ery budget? I would love to hear other ideas!!!

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