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Produce Co-op

By Kira On September 12, 2010 Under Produce Co-op

For the last few weeks I have been participating in a produce co-op. With the co-op I pay a total of $16.5o ($15 for the produce plus a $1.50 for a handling fee).  I pay in on Tuesday and on Saturday pick up my produce basket at 7am at a local location. It is a GREAT deal!! This week our basket included: tomatoes(9), egg plant (2), cucumbers (3) Broccoli, Cauliflower (1 head), potatoes (5lbs), grapes (a couple pounds), peaches (7), apples (5  large gala), kiwi (7), bananas (7), cantaloupe (1). This works great for us as we go through alot of fruit each week between us and the daycare and we also use quite a few veggies…the only challenge is coming up with meals to include the veggies as some of them we do not tend to eat raw (or at least some of our picky eaters object).

All this for $16.50!!

After taking the picture above I filled our fruit bowl with all the new fruit and took the next picture. I love having a bowl of fruit sitting out and my kids love seeing all the fruit and get great snack ideas!!

I love having a bowl full of fruit on my counter for snacks!!

Speaking of great ideas…the following picture shows my 6yr old daughters great idea for breakfast. Fruit Salad with a combination of fruit from our fruit bowl. The kids were having a hard time waiting for me to take the picture you can see their hands ready to grab a bowl.

fresh fruit salad for breakfast...yummy!!


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