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Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op

By Kira On September 21, 2010 Under Produce Co-op

Ok Chrystal this is for you and anyone else interested in the produce co-op I use. The web site is www.bountifulbaskets.org.

Simplified version of how it works:  You contribute $15 to the co-op by a set time each week (deadline varies depending on the location, for me I can contribute between 9am Tuesday and 10pm Wednesday). Then you pick up ypur basket of produce on the following Saturday at a specified time (for me pickup time is 7:00am, however it is much appreciated if you show up to volunteer at 6:00am to help sort produce into baskets as the co-op is all volunteer)

Each basket is 50% Fruit and 50% Vegetables and contains nice quality produce in a nice variety each week. I love the variety as the basket often contains fruits and vegetables that I might not buy if I was to go to a grocery store (I tend to get in ruts and buy the same things over and over like apples and bananas) this gives us the opportunity to try new things.

Be sure to check out the website for more information and to find a co-op in your area!


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