• Hi, My name is Kira. I am many things...Christian, Child of God, Homeschooler, stay at home mom, Adoptive mom, Doula in training, natural minded, nutrition loving and more. I love life and spending it with my 4 amazing kids and my wonderful husband. Here you can get a glimpse at our crazy life as I post on my passions.
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DIY Natural Deodorant

By Kira On November 6, 2012 No Comments

The last few months have somewhat crazy around here. We moved not once, not twice, but three times in the last 6 months! Granted each move was a good thing and we enjoyed were we were each time but still it makes for alot of work!! We have now been settled in a permanent location for the last 2 months and are slowly getting into the routine of things. My husband decided to go back to school and started full time back in August giving the kids and I alot of time on our own. This along with my natural desire to keep things natural and make my own products has inspired me to try my hand at quite a few diy gifts and projects this fall. So far we have made most of our Christmas gifts (I may attempt to share photos of some of these after Christmas),Click here to continue reading

Happy New Year & Menu Plan

By Kira On December 31, 2011 No Comments

Happy New Year Everyone!! Are you planning anything fun for this evening? We are planning to have a family slumber party with some friends and their kids this evening. Exciting day for my kids who typically don’t get to do slumber parties or sleep overs. Should be a fun filled evening of good food, fellowship and I’m sure some kid craziness! My kids helped me make some Muddy Buddies earlier (ya not really a sugar free / grain free but a family tradition :-) ) to bring tonight and I am working on some fun count down activity bags for the kids. FUN times ahead!!

So on a different topic…Menu Plans. This coming week I am planning some simple tried and true budget friendly recipes. They are for the most part Sugar Free / Grain Free / Dairy Free aswell.

Sunday –

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New Year Goals…

By Kira On December 29, 2011 2 Comments

I LOVE Christmas! I also love this time after Christmas…it is calm, not a lot going on outside the house, there is time to just be home, time to clean the house, put away ornaments, organize new toys and items. I love this time! I also love that as I get the house ready to start back into the new year there is time to reflect on this past year…the good times, the rough times, the struggles and the victories. Times when I can see God working in our lives, times when I have drawn near to him and times when I should have drawn nearer but instead allowed the world to pull me away. The thing I find about reflecting and listening for God’s nudgings is it allows me to see places where I can grow or change and allows me to refocus my life. With refocusingClick here to continue reading

Count down to CHRISTS Birthday – Candy Cane

By Kira On December 14, 2011 No Comments

As we draw close to CHRISTmas I felt the desire to spend time daily with my kids preparing our hearts for this day. In our house it seems we are easily caught up in the worldy excitement that is put on this day and I have felt a strong desire to focus in on the TRUE meaning. For the next 12 days (14th-25th) we are going to use different symbols and Christmas crafts to focus on Jesus :-).

We will also be continuing to read a portion of the Christmas story daily using The Story of Christmas Advent Calendar.

For today’s symbol we started with one of my kids FAVORITE Christmas candies…the Candy Cane. I love that you can take such a simple candy and use it to share the Love of Christ!

We started our morning out by reading

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Help me choose my Christmas Card

By Kira On November 26, 2011 No Comments

It is that time of year again…time to send out my yearly newsletter and Christmas Cards :-). I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Christmas Cards in the mail and also LOVE sending our cards out to friends and family. In the past I have done many different types of Christmas Cards but have found that as I get busier I value the ability to order pre-printed cards. This year I am excited to be ordering from Tiny Prints! Earlier this year I ordered some calendars from them and they turned out amazing so I am sure my Christmas Cards will be great as well! After playing with the card selections I have it down to a couple cards…and would love to have your input on which one to choose!

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