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Organizing all the art work…

By Kira On November 4, 2010 Under organizing

My oldest daughter is very creative and spends lots of time coloring, drawing and writing stories.  This is great except for the piles of papers that accumulate over the course of the week or even the day depending on how many of these projects she does at one sitting. I have tried to suggest leaving all the projects in one notebook so we can just put the notebook away to save once it is full but inevitably we still end up with papers everywhere as she wants to display them or give them as a gift to Mom or Dad. So…the daily question is always what to do with all the papers that get set all over the house. At least that was the daily question up until I stumbled upon these cute art portfolios at Michaels a few weeks ago.I found these on clearance for about $10 I think. They are cute, have a picture sort of look (well except for the handle at the top but even that is kind of cute), there is room for one 81/2 x 11 picture to be displayed and then to make it even better the portfolio opens up and has tabbed dividers inside to store pictures up to 9 x 14 in size!

So not only can you display the latest work of art but you can also store all the past works of art inside. So what did I do with these??? I used command brand designer hooks to hang two of these portfolios on my Kitchen wall.

Now when my daughter has a new work of art we can display it in the cute red portfolio and when my son makes a new project in preschool and I am debating on where to put it we can display it in his cute blue portfolio!

What do you do with your kids art work?

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