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September 12 – 18th menu plans

By Kira On September 13, 2010 Under How to read my menu plans, menu plan

Ok, so after taking inventory of our veggies from the produce basket and the food we currently have in our kitchen I have made up the following menu plans for this week. We are trying a few new recipes as well as have some of my well used recipes :-). If you have favorite recipes please let me know as I am always looking for new ones to try.

Some things to keep in mind as you read this and future menu plans… 1. Because I run a daycare and like to feed dinner style meals for lunch to my kids I pre-cook the majority of our lunches the night before. With this in mind unless I state otherwise lunch will not be listed in the menu as I will serve the same meal my family had for dinner the night prior. 2. Because I participate in a USDA approved food program I am required to serve a Grain (ie. bread, cereal, pancake, etc.), a fruit (either juice or a piece of fruit) and milk for breakfast so we do not get to creative outside of these three categories. However I am always looking for new recipes to add that help me to achieve these food groups while giving a healthy meal and some variety. 3. I don’t tend to plan to many meals for the weekends as we usually have leftovers available.

Ok so here we go…


Breakfast – Crockpot Oatmeal & Peaches (I saw this recipe on a friends blog and am excited to try it…you can check out the recipe at http://chrystal-lewis.blogspot.com )

Lunch – Honey Mustard Chicken, Cauliflower, Rice, Green Salad

Dinner – Corkscrew Pasta with Egg Plant (recipe at  http://moms.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978181369 ), Mixed Veggies


Breakfast – Pancakes, Fruit (I will decide based on what is the ripest at this point), Milk

Dinner – Broccoli & Chicken Casserole (recipe at  http://www.food.com/recipe/broccoli-chicken-casserole-69718 )


Breakfast – Muffins, Fruit, Milk

Lunch – Meat Sandwiches, Carrots, Apples, Milk (we will be on a field trip away from the house on this day so I will be packing sack lunches for all the kids)

Dinner – Taco Salad, Tortilla chips


Breakfast – Cereal with milk, 100% Fruit Juice

Dinner – Take & Bake Pizza (My husband and I will be out to dinner this evening for our Anniversary so I have planned something simple for the kids to eat)


Breakfast – Cereal with milk, Fruit (I may add in another cooked breakfast here but am not sure at the moment)

Lunch – Vegetable soup (I will add all the veggies we have left at the end of the week), Biscuits

Dinner – Steak, Potatoes, Green Salad

I have posted links for some of the recipes in the link above I will post my recipes as well as comments on the ones I am trying as I go throughout the week. If you want a recipe sooner feel free to ask and I can try and get it posted sooner. Do you have menu plans for the week? I would love to see other peoples menu plans!!

I have also linked up with Menu Plan Monday. Be sure to check out the other sites for more menu planning ideas!

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