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Menu Plans for the week

By Kira On July 26, 2011 Under menu plan

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!! Ours was good but bus and went way too fast!! Anyways I am trying to get back into routine this morning. As for meals this week we are on week 3 of our paleo journey and it is going good so far…I think I said before I am sticking with it 100% at home (as this is were the majority of our meals/ snacks are consumed) but when we are out and about I am being more lenient at this point.

So here’s the menu for this week…

Sunday – We had Caprese Oven Omelet

Monday – We eat at Home Group on Monday – this would be one of those lenient times :-)

Tuesday – Chili & Salad

Wednesday – Gumbo

Thursday – Paleo Orange Chicken & Broccoli

Friday – Seafood Night – Halibut for Brian and Tilapia for the rest of us

Saturday – BBQ Steaks, Fries & Salad


I will try and come back later and add some links in for some of these meals…but for now I am off to swimming lessons with the kiddos :-)


Whats on your menu this week? I always LOVE hearing about other people’s menu plans as it gives me so many ideas!!!


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  1. Chrystal@Chrystal's Corner
    July 26, 2011
    9:52 pm

    Last night we did Shredded BBQ Pork, homemade french bread, sauteed mushrooms and corn on the cob.
    I am making lettuce wraps tonight…I think I am going to do something with chicken, brown rice, shredded carrot and teriyaki sauce for the filling and then use some bib lettuce as the cups.
    Tomorrow night I am planning to use leftover spaghetti from lunch today in a frittata. Sounds strange but it is actually quite good:)
    Chrystal@Chrystal’s Corner recently posted..Meal planning the frugal way

  2. katie w.
    July 27, 2011
    1:05 am

    I picked up a paleo tarter sauce recipe that I’m planning to try tonight with salmon. I have to say, I haven’t gone completely 100% paleo, more like 80-90%, but gosh, I already feel better. :) It’s nice to read what you’re having.

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