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Menu Plan Monday – 12/6/2010

By Kira On December 6, 2010 Under menu plan

Wow, I almost forgot it was Monday again! Not sure how that happens so frequently…Thanks Alana for posting your menu plan as it reminded me that I still needed to post mine!

We have a few evening activities this week so we will be taking advantage of the freezer meals I have put away. I am also trying something new this week…typically I do not plan much for weekend meals as we eat left overs or just use items on hand to create meals. This week though I have planned a crock pot meal for Sunday. I will try to prep this on Saturday evening and put it on to cook prior to leaving for Church Sunday morning, this way we will have a hot lunch ready when we arrive home! I am thinking this will make the afternoon go a bit smoother as well as be an extra incentive to not do fast food on the way home from church.

Ok so here is my dinner plans:

Monday – Taco Salad w/ homemade taco ranch dressing

Tuesday – Freezer Meal (this is our Awana night)

Wednesday – Chili, Cornbread, Salad

Thursday – Freezer Meal (Daycare Christmas Party in the evening)

Friday – Steak, Potatoes, Squash

Saturday – Leftovers / mini freezer meals

Sunday – Pot Roast, Potatoes

I’m linked up to orgjunkie.com for Menu Plan Monday!


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  1. Alana
    December 7, 2010
    8:42 am

    Your welcome! :) I almost forgot myself.
    That Taco Ranch dressing sounds interesting… you should share the recipe some time!

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