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Menu Plan – better late than never :-)

By Kira On February 9, 2011 Under menu plan

One thing that really helps with simplifying meal times for me is Menu Planning! Though it does not always get done on time it :-). I usually try to do this on Saturdays so I have time to get the shopping done over the weekend and then am ready for the week when Monday comes. However, this past weekend was a bit crazy at our house.  My husband was out of town so it was just me and my 3 little people :-). Saturday consisted of picking up the produce basket at 8:30am, Dentist appointment for all three kiddos at 10:00am and a Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese ‘s from 2:30-5:00. In between these events we attempted naps and house cleaning. Sunday was not much better with Church in the morning and a Super Bowl party in the afternoon/evening. This left very little menu planning time until today when I finally sat down and got it together.

Here’s what I am thinking for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: BLT’s

Wednesday: Whole Chickens with Salad & Potato’s

Thursday: Roast w/ potato’s and salad

Friday: Spaghetti with meat sauce

Saturday: Leftovers

Breakfasts will consist of oatmeal or toast with Fruit

Lunches will be either tuna sandwiches with fruit or leftovers from the night before.

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