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Menu Plan 10/29/11

By Kira On October 29, 2011 Under menu plan

Have I mentioned I LOVE Saturdays when I get to pick up my produce basket?!? It is almost like Christmas getting to see what we got for the week. This week was even better as not only did I get to pick up my fresh produce but I also stopped on my way home and picked up some local fresh eggs! Yes, it may be odd but I am really excited by fresh food for my family :-). Ok so on to my menu for the week…this is also really exciting!! Money has been tight and I am working at trying to build up a surplus of grocery’s so I do not HAVE to go grocery shopping but can just go when I WANT to and can get things at a good price. I was really good at doing this in the past and yet the last couple months seems like I am just trying to keep up instead of stocking up. This week though we have everything I need for my meals this week and I have not even gone grocery shopping yet….so I can use my grocery budget for stocking up or saving for future sales!!!! I know another maybe not so exciting thing for some BUT for me this is EXCITING!!!

Our menu for the week is once again more focused on whole foods with some paleo friendly meals sprinkled in.

Sunday – Taco Salad

Monday – we will be doing dinner at church

Tuesday – Lentil Casserole

Wednesday – Chicken Taco Soup

Thursday –¬†Spaghetti¬†Pie

Friday – Chinese Chicken & Cabbage Stirfry

Saturday – I will plan this one when we get our produce basket next week :-)

There you have it our menu for the week…what is on your menu??






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