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Menu Plan Monday – 10/11/10

By Kira On October 11, 2010 Under homeschooling, menu plan

Happy Monday Everyone!! Sorry I am a bit late posting this today. Today was a day off for my husband and I so we decided to take a short (or so we thought it would be) family drive. As I am homeschooling my oldest (2nd grade) I am always looking for learning activities that are fun and do not necessarily revolve around workbooks (don’t worry we do plenty of workbooks as well, just enjoy a change every now and then). About a month ago my Mom gave me a book she had picked up somewhere on the fires of 1910 and it included 4 short day trips you could take to historical sites pertaining to the fire. I thought this was cool all by itself…however, then about 2 weeks ago my husband pointed out when we were at the library that they were going to be showing a documentary on the fire of 1910 at the library. This was even better!! Now I could take my kids to watch the documentary so we could learn about the fire, then we could take day trips to see the historical points and give a well rounded lesson on the fires. So to make a long story short a week ago we viewed the documentary (or at least my husband and oldest two kids viewed it as the baby decided that her voice was much more interesting than the movie making it necessary for her and I to leave :-) ) and today we took our first day trip. We spent about 8 hours total including multiple stops to look at cemeteries, historical landmarks, trees that had burned and of course stops for lunch and snacks. We even got a chance to drive through about 6 1 lane tunnels through the mountain side! Overall it was a Great experience and I am pretty sure that my 3 & 6yr olds now know more about the fires of 1910 than most Adults :-).

Ok now for the meal plan part of the post :-)

Breakfasts this week will be Bran Muffins, Cereal, Oatmeal & Toast (not necessarily in this order)


Lunch – Sandwiches, Pears, Apples, Milk

Dinner – Beef & Barley Soup from the freezer


Lunch – Ramen Noodle Stir Fry with Hamburger and mixed veggies

Dinner – Chicken Tacos (this will be my freezer meal this week)


Lunch – Chicken Tacos

Dinner – Steak, Corn, Cauliflower, rolls


Lunch – Chili Mac, fruit

Dinner – freezer meal (my husband will choose one as I will be gone this evening)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!!


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  1. Alana
    October 11, 2010
    9:39 pm

    Yum, what time should be there? 😉
    Glad you had fun on your trip!

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