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New Year Goals…

By Kira On December 29, 2011 Under Goals

I LOVE Christmas! I also love this time after Christmas…it is calm, not a lot going on outside the house, there is time to just be home, time to clean the house, put away ornaments, organize new toys and items. I love this time! I also love that as I get the house ready to start back into the new year there is time to reflect on this past year…the good times, the rough times, the struggles and the victories. Times when I can see God working in our lives, times when I have drawn near to him and times when I should have drawn nearer but instead allowed the world to pull me away. The thing I find about reflecting and listening for God’s nudgings is it allows me to see places where I can grow or change and allows me to refocus my life. With refocusing comes goals, places I would like to grow, things I would like to do differently. I thought I would share a few of my goals for this coming year with you.


1. Spend DAILY time with the Lord before my kids get up

To help me with this one I am joining the Hello Mornings Challenge over at Inspired to Action. I am excited to have the accountability of other women who are also striving to get up early and spend time with the Lord.

2. Strive to create Grain Free / Sugar Free / Dairy Free Menu Plans Weekly that fit into our tight food budget.

This is something I feel like I am good at maybe 75% off the time but have really slid back on in the last couple months. We still are mostly Dairy Free but Sugar and Grains are good at creeping back into our diet. I would like to do at least 30 days straight of Grain Free / Sugar Free / Dairy Free in the first month or so of 2012 (we have alot of birthdays and plan to eat out a couple times for those in January so this may wait till February for the 30 days straight but I would like to at least stick to it at home in January).

3. Create Stronger Relationships with Friends & Family 

I feel like this is a continuing goal as there is always work that can be done but I would like to make Relationships a bigger focus this year.

4. Setting aside time for Blogging and my Coffee Business

These are things I kind of label as my things and with that they are usually the first things to get pushed off my schedule when things get hectic. I want to make it a priority to take time for these things even if things get hectic. A few minutes here and there to step away and focus on something that is mine will also help with my sanity i’m sure :-).


Those are my top four for now. Do you make New Years Goals? I would love to hear what your focusing on this coming year :-)



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  1. Alana
    December 30, 2011
    4:01 pm

    Nice list.. I am still working on mine. 😉 I like #3 especially. 😉

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