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I'm Back…

By Kira On November 27, 2010 Under Crafting & Projects

Ok, I have totally slacked on the blogging the last couple weeks! But I am back now with a recount of my past two weeks. I am good at over committing myself and I definitely over did it this time! Somehow I thought that even with working and having 3 kids under 7 of my own and having family in town I could pull of more crafting & sewing projects than the I have done total since I got married! So here is my recount of my projects that have been started and finished in the last 2 weeks…unfortunately I did not take as many pictures as I should have so not all the projects have pictures :-(

1. Christmas outfits for all three of my kids (jumpers for the girls and a vest for my son)

2. 80 cloth wet wipes for my Sister in-law’s baby shower gift (my niece is due to be born in January and we are all super excited to be welcoming another baby to the family!!! Yay for cousin play dates in the future!!!!) – tutorial on these will follow hopefully.

3. A Guaze Baby Wearing Wrap (another baby shower gift)

4. A Baby Wearing Poncho (Christmas gift for my Sister-in-law)

5. Pomegranate Jelly – I juiced the pomegranates awhile back and have had the juice sitting in the fridge waiting. I made about 8 pints and still have lots of juice left to make more.

6. A Dry Erase Menu Board (I did not get pics of this one but see this post for samples of other ones I have made) for my sister in laws Christmas present

7. Wedding Cakes –  My other sister in law (on my husbands side) got married today and I was in charge of the cake. So I made a 3 tiered cake (each layer 4″ tall with raspberry filling) plus just to make sure we would not run out I made a half sheet cake (also 4″ tall with filling)

Now as if projects were not enough :-) we have also had family in town this past week. So we had family pictures taken, a baby shower for my Sister-in-law (my brothers wife), Christmas gift exchange with all my family who will not be here for Christmas, random family get-togethers throughout the week (we only see some of our family once a year so we try to squeeze as much visiting as possible in when they are in town!), Thanksgiving with my in-laws, my annual day after Thanksgiving Brunch at my house complete with homemade Maple Bars (recipe to follow later this week) and Egg Casserole, Wedding Rehearsal (for my Husbands Sisters wedding ) my oldest two were flower girl and ring bearer, and to complete the week the Wedding today. Now I am ready for some relaxing and I think we will try to take it easy for awhile!

So that is the short version of my past two weeks :-). How was your Thanksgiving? I would love to hear what special activities you do around Thanksgiving. As for me I am excited for December and the Christmas activities so be sure to check back frequently as I will be posting daily Christmas craft and activity ideas to count down to Christmas with your family.


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