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Dry Erase Menu Board Craft Project

By Kira On October 13, 2010 Under Craft

Do you menu plan? Do you want a fun, cute place to write your weekly dinner menu? Do you like fast easy craft projects? Then this might be for you!!

I have seen this idea on several other blogs and have been meaning to try it myself for quite awhile now. So today I finally got around to it. My oldest daughter and I happened to be at Michaels picking up a few items and while there she helped me pick out some fun scrapbooking paper and stickers to use for our menu boards. Yes I did make two because the paper and stickers were sooo cute! Plus this way I have one to set with the sign in books for daycare so families can see what their children will be eating for the week (when it is left up to the kids to let their parents know what we have eaten each day apparently we never eat anything but crackers, I guess they only remember the last item that is eaten each day :-) ) and one to set in the kitchen.

Here are pictures of the ones I made

Supplies needed for one board:

1 8×10 picture frame

1 sheet of paper in the color / pattern you want to have for the background

Stickers or items to decorate your paper (optional)

dry erase pen


1. Trim your background paper to 8″ x 10″

2. Add decorations / stickers to the page

3. If you want your days of the week to be permanent you will want to also add them to the paper. This could be done with a pen and writting them on, cutting out the letters on a cricut machine or with a punch and gluing them on, printing them onto the paper (if you want to print it you would want to wait on adding decorations till after the paper has gone through the printer), or possibly even find stickers that have the days of the week. For mine I wanted to be able to change what days I had meals planned week to week so I just left it blank and wrote them on with a dry erase marker when I added the meals.

4. Put your decorated background paper into the frame just like you would a picture.

5. Add your meals for the week by writing on the glass with a dry erase marker.

6. Find a spot in your Kitchen for your new masterpiece!!

Other ideas: As I was doing this I thought of other uses you could use this type of board for…Notes, To do lists, School assignments (especially if you are homeschooling), keeping track of what coffee / drink flavorings you have on hand (notice my second one). I am sure there are many more these are just a few of the ones I came up with.

To see a few other finished menu boards check out these other blogs:

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Have A Great Evening!!



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  1. Chrystal
    October 14, 2010
    7:55 am

    Yours turned out so cute!! Love the stickers you added. I will be planning a trip to your coffee shop soon:)

    • Kira
      October 14, 2010
      4:27 pm

      Thanks Chrystal! I had alot of fun putting them together! As for the coffee shop you are welcome whenever :-)…I love coffee especially when things get busy, it seems to relax me. However, with the price of coffee at coffee stands I found it was much more cost effective to buy all my own supplies and enjoy coffee in the comfort of my own Kitchen. Not to mention it is fun to be able to serve coffee drinks when friends are over.

  2. beats review
    November 17, 2011
    3:00 am

    thank you for sharing. Really thank you so much… Very informative post..!!

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