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DIY Baby Wearing Poncho

By Kira On October 29, 2010 Under Craft

I don’t know about you but I am noticing a theme to my posts this week. They seem to all revolve around saving money.  I guess that tells you where my focus has been :-). I wanted to share today my latest project…a baby wearing poncho. Now if you are not aware of what baby wearing is…it is the art of wearing a baby in a wrap (my personal favorite), front or back carrier, etc. Personally I wear my baby anytime we are out of the house and sometimes even around the house if she is fussy. This seems to work for me as I have two other children that I need to hold onto when we are out and about and I enjoy having both of my hands free for them.

So this brings me to the poncho. Up to this point I have been fine just wearing my daughter in her wrap and if it is a bit cool I slip a large fleece jacket over both of us and zip it up part way. However, I am not a fan of having cool air blow down in between us so I have been researching baby wearing coats and vests. There is a lot out there for baby wearing coats and vests and actually a lot of items I would not mind owning! Only problem is the cost…the cheap versions are around $80 and they go up from there. I have searched and searched and tried to wrap my head around paying that much but just can’t justify it. While searching I found a pattern for a poncho and it just so happened that I had the fleece on hand so I was able to make a Awesome baby wearing poncho with no money out of pocket. The picture above shows the poncho made exactly as the directions showed. After trying it on I decided to add a hood for the baby to keep any breeze off of her.I was soo excited by the way this project turned out!! It was super easy…no sewing required just tying like you do for a fleece blanket. The whole project took me less than an hour to complete. I think I will make another experimenting with a larger piece of fabric to obtain more coverage and maybe trying to double layer the fleece for extra warmth in the winter. I am also in the process of making a fleece poncho for my oldest daughter using the same pattern just leaving out the second head hole.

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  1. Chrystal
    October 29, 2010
    12:29 pm

    Wow, you are so handy:) You should think about starting an Etsy shop and selling those…I am sure people would love a cheaper alternative to those expensive covers you found. Especially with winter coming up.

  2. Alana
    October 29, 2010
    1:10 pm

    Oh, cool! Chrystal has a good point about selling them… you are too crafty for words!

  3. Kyra Climbingbear
    November 10, 2010
    4:18 pm

    We have the same name! lol Just wanted to know if you sewed the hood on!

    • Kira
      November 10, 2010
      5:46 pm

      Kyra, that is cool I don’t find to many people that have the same name as me. Thanks for reading my blog!! Yes, I did sew the hood on. I took a folded piece of fabric (fold at top) that was 5″ wide and 9″ tall (once folded 18″ before folding) and stitched one of the long sides from the fold down this created the hood. Then I stitched the hood right sides together to the bottom of the 10″ baby head hole. If I was doing it again I might make the hood more like 7″ wide before stitching so it wrapped up onto the top of the head whole opening when stitching to give a bigger hood and keep the hood up and on her head a bit better. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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