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Make your own Robot Costume!

By Kira On October 21, 2010 Under Craft

It is hard to believe that summer is over, fall is upon us and Halloween is only just over a week away! For our family Halloween is a fun night to dress up in a fun costume and visit friends or family that we may not see very often and would enjoy seeing our kids dressed up in costume…and our kids of course don’t mind getting some candy out of the deal! However, the question always is what will the kids wear and how can we have cute costumes without spending a fortune on one that will last for one evening. This year we are going pretty simple. My youngest is being a pink kitty cat in a costume we purchased awhile back. My son is going to be a Robot (more to come on this later in this post) and my oldest is going to be a Black Cat (more to come on this in a future post).

For the robot costume we got the idea at Michaels. They had flyers set out on using duct tape (yes, you can use duct tape for just about anything including a halloween costume!!) to make a halloween costume. We decided to try our hand at a Robot Costume pictured on the flyer! Check out our finished product!Robot Costume

Supplies Needed to make your own Robot Costume:

Duck Tape (Silver Colored)

Foam Shapes (comes in a bucket)



T-shirt (we went to Value Village and picked one up for $1.99)

Pants ($.99 at Value Village)

plastic mask

Velcro (we had this at home)

Foam Sheets

Sharpie (available at home)

First I started with a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeved t-shirt

Then I started covering them in Duct Tape

My Husband and I then continued working on taping the clothes until they were completely covered. I left the top part of the pants un-taped to allow them to be slipped on and off easily. This part of the pants will be covered by the shirt when the costume is being worn.

For the top I cut a slit all the way up the back making it like a backwards coat (using my sons words). The raw edges were then covered with duck tape. I also added some extra onto the left side of the freshly cut seam on the back of the shirt this will allow for overlap in the back while maintaining the same fit when the shirt is on. Velcro was added to finish the shirt.

Once the outfit was completely duck taped and we had test fitted it to make sure it was going to fit well we began decorating. Decorations were done using the stick on foam sheets and stick on foam shapes.

We also finished the mask by covering it in duck tape and adding some foam shapes for decoration.

With a little work and some supplies we made a cute costume that will be fun to wear not only on Halloween and but also throughout the next year. The most expensive part was the duck tape but this could be gotten cheaper if you used the 40% off coupons that are frequently available.

Robot Costume

Stay tuned for pictures and details on the Cat costume I am working on for my oldest daughter.


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