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Bible Bags for my kids

By Kira On January 17, 2011 Under Craft

My kids LOVE to take their Bibles to church with them on Sunday and I LOVE that they LOVE this!!  However, I have decided that I do not enjoy carrying multiple Bibles or watching my kids drop their Bibles over and over again as they struggle to carry them.  So today I decided that this would be the last time we went to church without bags that would make it easier for each of my kids to carry their own Bibles.

So after a trip to JoAnn Fabric (were I was able to use a 50% off one item coupon, and 2 40% off one item coupons plus they had the fleece on sale) and a bit of cutting & tying the above bags are what I came up with :-). My kids were thrilled to have cute bags to carry their Bibles in and I was thrilled that each bag only cost me a few dollars and a bit of time :-).

As I put together the second bag I took pictures for a tutorial and will post that tomorrow as I am getting tired and think I will go to bed for the night :-)


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  1. Chrystal
    January 17, 2011
    3:37 pm

    Great idea!! Our kids love to take theirs as well and we have resorted to carrying a back pack for all our Bibles. I bet your kids are going to be even more excited to bring their Bibles with them next week!

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