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Count Down to Christmas – Day 5

By Kira On December 6, 2010 Under activities, Count Down To Christmas!!

Yes, I am behind again on my posts so I will be doing multiples tonight to try and catch up :-)…that is if I don’t fall asleep while posting :-).

Yesterday (Day 5) we attended the “Journey To Bethlehem” Live reenactment of what it would be like if you were in Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born. One of the local Seventh Day Adventist churches puts this on every year and they do an amazing job!! Everything from the arrival were you pick up your FREE tickets that give you your family name (group you will be going through the reenactment with) to the entertainment while you are waiting your turn to go through, to the actual reenactment itself is done exceptionally well!

The reenactment is complete with Roman Soldiers who are a bit gruff and like to order you around, shop keepers who try to sell you everything from lambskin to keep warm (with the cold weather this may be a good idea :-) ) to fine linens and perfumes. There are also people dancing in the “streets” of Bethlehem, Inn-keepers who do not have room for you to step inside out of the cold, and of course Angels singing out the GOOD NEWS and the Baby Jesus laying in the manger!

In addition to all the people their are also lots of animals in the reenactment. Goats, Donkeys, and even a baby Camel! My kids were very excited to see and touch the baby camel! This was probably the highlight of the evening for them!

This was a wonderful evening and a great way to remember what Christmas is REALLY about!!


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