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Count Down To Christmas – Day 4

By Kira On December 4, 2010 Under activities, Count Down To Christmas!!

Today was our Visit Santa Day and Cut Down a Christmas Tree Day.

We started the day off with a visit with Santa, a super cute photo and some cookies. My 3yr old was super excited about this visit! He has been asking for days about seeing Santa and was sooo excited to give Santa a hug! The visit went great! Their was NO Line! The photographer was awesome! And to make it a little better…the picture was FREE! I am always on the look out for free pictures with Santa (have you checked out the Santa picture prices at your local mall?!?!? They are a bit more than what I am willing to spend) and was excited when I took a detour the other day and happened upon the sign outside of Whites Boots announcing FREE Santa Photos! As an added benefit I found that I really like their store and just may go back to buy some cool flip flops I found or maybe the cowboy boot slippers for the kids.

After our Santa photo session we headed up to my husbands grandmothers place to cut down our Christmas Tree. This has become a yearly tradition and the kids love hiking through the woods in search of the perfect tree. I think we picked a pretty good one. However, I am not sure if this picture does it justice..kind of looks like we have more ornaments than tree when looking at this picture :-).

To finish the day off we spent the afternoon decorating the Christmas Tree and reminiscing as we pulled out the ornaments from past years.


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