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Update on my week…

By Kira On October 2, 2010 Under freezer meals

Ok, I have done so hot this week at multiple things…

1. Obviously I have not been on here to update this blog…I will be working at this and you may get a couple posts this evening as I have a lot to say :-)

2. We caved in and grabbed fast food for our kids on the way to Awanas on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s are rough for us. We of course have daycare kids all day (this is the case Monday – Friday) so our day plays out somewhat like this. Kids start arriving around 7am, breakfast at 8:20am, Preschool starts at 9:00am and goes till 10:00am(I teach this so I am busy during this whole time), Snack and put kids down for naps at 10:00am, by this time my youngest is ready to nurse and my oldest is ready for help with her school (she is homeschooled and in the 2nd grade) so I spend from 10 – 12 homeschooling, picking up a little, and attempting to sit down for a few minute break, around 12 I start prepping lunch and getting ready for everyone to get up, 12:30 – 1:00 everyone gets up and heads down for lunch and then gets ready to go to spanish lessons (then they play outside with either my husband or I while the other one finishes getting kids ready inside) 2:20 load the kids, 3:00 – 4:15 spanish and play at the gym, 5:00 get home from spanish, 5:30 all kids should be gone by now, 5:50 leave for Awanas.

So the point of my long explanation of the day is to say I realized after this past Tuesday that just having a meal planned for Tuesday was not good enough :-). We will need to use a freezer meal every Tuesday if I intend to not grab fast food for my kids on the way to Awanas.

However, on a positive note I have done very well at getting meals in the freezer over the past week and a half!!! For those of you who don’t know me well I LOVE using my crock pot especially during the fall and winter and in a average week may use it 4-5 days. That being said I seem to be really hard on crock pots as I have gone through 3 in 4 years. So I finally broke down and bought a roaster oven about a year ago thinking it would help save my crock pots as I could use it some. Only downfall to a roaster oven is I have to make a HUGE (and I thought I made huge batches when I filled my 6qt crock pot :-) )batch of food in order to fill it (and if you don’t fill it the food is likely to burn). At least I always saw this as a downfall until I decided to start freezing meals and this becomes a huge blessing. Each meal made in the roaster oven (so far I have done soups) makes enough for 1 family dinner (plus a couple single serving size meals put in the freezer for later), 1 daycare meal & 3 family size freezer meals!

Using my equation: make at least one large batch of food in the roaster oven each week at least 3 meals from it, freeze extra portions that are not used out of our family and daycare meals in individual sized containers for future use. So far in my freezer I have 4 family size chicken noodle soups (just have to add noodles), 3 family size bean soups, 3 family size potato soups, 4 individual size meals, 1 chicken and broccoli casserole (we were supposed to eat this Tuesday but ran out of time for it to cook so I froze it). That is 11 family sized freezer meals and 4 individual sized meals made with very little effort and hardly any extra expense!

My frozen meals!!! 11 family sized meals and 4 individual sized meals!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I would love to hear how other people are doing on their meal planning and any goals you may be working on!

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  1. Chrystal
    October 3, 2010
    2:22 pm

    Love it Kira!! We too are working on meals at home. I meal plan but it sometimes falls to the wayside when it becomes crunch time. I too am trying to double dinners so that I can put one away for another time. I may have to check out this roaster idea…looks like you are getting a lot done at once!

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