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Count Down to Christmas – Day 3

By Kira On December 3, 2010 Under Cooking, Count Down To Christmas!!

It’s FRIDAY!!!! So we had a relaxed day…

Today during preschool / daycare we watched Frosty the Snowman for our Christmas activity as we were pretty low on numbers and the kids were not real into doing a project.

For my family Friday nights have become a family night of sorts, we usually let the kids stay up a bit later than usual and have something fun for dinner. Dinner tonight was a new recipe that I thought turned out great!! So I figured I would share it with you….Meatball Subs with Fries :-).

Meatball subs fresh out of the oven!

served with some homemade fries...yummm

I was very impressed by how easy this recipe was as well as how good it turned out! Kind of reminds me of my college days when I would eat meatball subs quite frequently :-). However, I do have to be honest….my kids (yes, my kids who typically eat anything) were not a huge fan of this. I think it had to do with the spices in the marinara sauce so we may be doing some adjustments for next time or perhaps just using spaghetti sauce on the kids subs next time. This is also a very different type of recipe compared to what I usually make so it may also be just something that they would get used to over time. My Husband on the other hand loved it and had lots of ideas for other uses for the Marinara Sauce…bread sticks, dipping pizza crusts :-). I also liked this meal as it was easy to prepare a similar meal for my youngest daughter (6 months) to eat with us. We are doing baby led feeding with her meaning that she eats foods that she is able to pick up and feed herself (apples, bananas, pears, potatoes, celery, carrots, etc.). This meal worked great as she was able to have french fries (minus the added salt) as well as a meatball made with hamburger a small amount of flour and some turmeric (want to learn more about turmeric check out this site, the site talks about why turmeric is good for babies but has great information for people of all ages!!).

Have a wonderful Friday Evening!!


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