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Dump Truck Cake

By Kira On January 9, 2011 Under Birthdays

It is birthday season at our house!! In exactly one month…between December 25th and January 24th we celebrate 4 birthdays in addition to celebrating Christs birth on Christmas day! My oldest daughters birthday falls on Christmas day, mine January 6th, my husbands January 23rd and my sons January 24th. So you can imagine the amount of cake and sweets we have around our house :-). At this point having kids birthdays close together works to my advantage as I can do a combined party…hitting two birds with one stone! Only thing about two different kids with one party is they of course want two different cakes and with me being a cake decorator (mostly for a hobby and a few family weddings) the cakes are usually a bit involved :-).

This year I had this ingenious idea…which I would like to say was unique…however after a couple google searches it appears a couple people before me had this unique idea :-) but I will share it anyway!

A Dump Truck Cake!!! Best part is if you have a little boy you probably already have the main element…a Dump Truck! My son has a huge Tonka Truck that he got a couple years ago and after a good scrubbing it was perfect for my cake.

Other materials needed are:

2 Chocolate Cake mixes

Ingredients to make the chocolate cakes (check the box)

2 large boxes of instant pudding (I used one chocolate and one oreo)


assortment of bugs, worms & such (and if you have a child like mine fish…yes fish, not sure why but apparently that is a necessary ingredient to any dump truck cake!) gummy of course :-)

Making the cake:

1. Bake the cakes – it really does not matter what pan you bake them in as you will be cutting them into cubes once baked

2. While cakes are baking clean your dump truck (unless you bought a new one for the occasion and in this case a quick rinse with a bit of soap and water should do)

3. line the bed of the dump truck with a piece of plastic wrap to ensure nothing leaks through any cracks or un sealed seams.

4. Make pudding, set aside to thicken

5. Once cake is cooled…cut into cubes

6. Start assembling the cake by layering the ingredients starting with some cake cubes then pudding and bugs/ worms and repeating with another layer of cake, pudding and bugs and so forth until you have filled the truck or run out of ingredients.

7. Crush Oreos and sprinkle on top of cake / pudding layers to create a dirt look.

8. Add more worms & bugs to create the look :-)

9. If you want to add a bit extra you could use black frosting in a decorating bag to add ants to your dump truck

Tada…you’ve got one Cool kids cake that was SUPER EASY and quick to assemble!!

And while I am showing cake pictures here is one of the cake I did for my daughter

And one of both cakes together :-)

Only trick was keeping the Dump Truck Cake from accidentally rolling off the table! I guess that is a downfall of a cake on wheels!!



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