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Back to {HOME} School – Our Curriculum Choices

By Kira On October 8, 2013 Under Back to {HOME} School

I’m a bit late on this post but excited to share so here it goes…Our Back to {Home} School post! I am EXCITED about this year. Excited to start back into a routine, excited to work on more child training stuff…things that we have slacked on and really need work now (but that is another post) and excited to jump into our curriculum! I’m typically a pretty straight forward type of curriculum person…in the past we have gone almost completely ACE. This year though I have stepped out of my ACE bubble and we are doing some really fun and different things!

I will be teaching 3 kiddos this year: Big Sis is in 4th grade, Big Brother is in Kindergarten and Lil Sis in Preschool. They will each have a few subjects on their own and then we will be learning history and science as a group. Ready to see what we have in store?!? Here we go!!


IMG_3950Lil Sis will be doing Abeka preschool this year. Realistically I could do without a preschool program for her as there is plenty of stuff available online for free or just hands on stuff we could do. BUT, to simplify my life and to satisfy a certain 3yr old who everyday wants to know when she is doing her school books this is what we are doing. She will also be joining us for History and Science.



Big Brother will be doing Kindergarten this year. He will be continuing to work in his Get Ready For the Code books. I really like this series for teaching kids their letters and in turn teaching reading. I have been really successful teaching quiet a few kids (I used to use it with my daycare kids) to read with this program. For math we finished Making Math Meaningful K last year so this year we will be working on getting a good grip on writing all the numbers and doing some simple math with KUMON books. For art he will be using Abeka Kindergarten Art.

4th Grade


Big Sister is in 4th grade this year and we are doing a combination of multiple different curriculum’s. For Math we are doing Making Math Meaningful again this year. English we are using Understanding Writing. I have felt that where ACE misses it on English is teaching the kids to write paragraphs and papers. I am really excited about Understanding Writting as that is the focus of this curriculum. I will likely write a full review on this in the next few weeks. Art we are using  Artistic Pursuits, Language we are using Rosetta Stone Spanish and for Character we are using Polished Cornerstones. We are also using A Reason for Handwritting and Calculadder.

There is so much I could say on alot of these subjects but I think I will leave that for individual review posts on my favorites. If there is one you would like to specifically hear about let me know so I can add it to my list of review posts. I will also be doing separate posts on our Science and History curriculum for the year.

Are you homeschooling this year? What curriculum are you using? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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