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DIY Baby Wearing Coat

By Kira On October 27, 2013 Under Babywearing

So, I know I said the Baby Led Weaning post was next…AND it is still coming…hopefully tomorrow. In the mean time I wanted to share my project from today. A DIY Baby Wearing winter coat!!


I have been eyeing all the cool baby wearing coats and jackets for a few years now. It started when my now 3yr old was a baby and yet I just have not been able to justify spending $50-$100 or more on a coat. A few years back I made the no-sew diy poncho that worked great for front carries. However, this time around I’m looking to continue babywearing past a year which means more back carries and we are also in a much colder area which means we really need a coat.

After seeing several examples online I decided to give a DIY coat a try. First off…I found a nice warm coat at Goodwill for $4.99. I usually wear a small so I bought a medium to allow room for my toddler. Then off to the fabric store we went to buy fleece for the baby collar. I bought 1/3 yard for a total of $1.78. However after doing the project all I needed was 7″ of fleece.

The project – First off I need to apologize, I totally spaced taking photos while doing the project so I tried to re-create the photos afterwards. It really is simple so I hope you will be able to follow along ok.

I started out by laying the jacket out back side up and cut a 12 inch slit 4 inches below the seam that neck line of the jacket. Like I said before I forgot to take photos before so pretend that the stitching and snaps are not in these photos. IMG_4377

Jacket laid out back side up. Measure down 4 inches and cut 12 inch slit. I used a rotary cutter which worked Awesome!!


Here you can see the cut slit (ignore the snaps and stitching!!)


View of slit from inside


You may want to try the coat on prior to sewing on the collar. Here we are prior to the collar going on.


Now to cut the collar. I used my rotary cutter to cut the fleece for the collar. I used a 12 1/2 inch by 7 inch piece to give me room for my seams.

IMG_4381Once cut fold in half the long way right sides together (you will flip later) so you have a 3 1/2 x 13 inch piece. Surge or stitch the two short ends together and flip right side out. Then Surge or stitch long side together. Set aside for a few moments.


Next you will want to finish the edges of the slit you cut. The coat I have has a rolled hem finish on most the seams so I decided to follow suit and do a rolled hem on the raw edges that formed the slit. You could also just zigzag stitch to finish the edges and prevent layers from separating. In this photo you can see the rolled hem finish.


If you look again at this photo you can see that the edges of the slit are finished.


Now to add the collar. Lay the fleece collar on the outside of the coat with the long stitched edge matching up with the bottom edge of the slit as shown above. Zigzag along the edge of the collar / bottom edge of slit to attach collar to coat.IMG_4384

You can see here where the collar and bottom edge of slit are stitched together. The collar will flip up when you are wearing the baby.


Now for the Snaps. In this photo I have flipped the collar up and tucked it inside the top edge of the slit. We will now attach the snaps that will hold the slit closed in case you want to wear it without a baby on your back. I used 3 kam snaps putting one side on the collar right next to the seam where it attaches to the bottom edge of slit and the other side of the snap on the inside of the top edge of the slit.


Here is another photo of the snaps with the collar tucked inside the slit


And Here I am wearing the coat with no baby.


Now I know the point was to wear the baby so here we go with the snaps for when baby is on your back. Pull the collar back out and you are going to line the sides of the collar up with the top edge of the slit and put snaps on the wrong side of the collar and right side of slit.


Once you have them snapped it will look like this.


Here is another view of the collar snapped you can see the collar were it is stitched to the bottom of the slit on the right side and the side of the collar snapped to the top of the slit on the Left side.


And a finished shot of the collar all snapped up. The snaps you see along the bottom are not being used as they are for closing the slit when it is not being used.


And the finished Coat with the collar up from the back.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! We are LOVING our coat and looking forward to many warm winter outings!!!

Do you baby wear during the winter? What is your favorite outer layer? I would love to hear from you in the comments!!



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